Five Hot Hairstyles From Around the World


There are so many great NZ hairstyles that it may be difficult to determine which one will flatter your overall look the best. Hairstyle trends are constantly changing and you don’t want to be left behind when making your next hairstyle choice. Here are 5 of the world’s hottest hairstyles at the moment…

(1) Short bob

This is one of the world’s most popular hairstyles, and there are a wide array of styles for women to choose from. This hairstyle is easy to maintain, making it the ideal choice for women with hectic schedules. With lots of modern and new takes, you can customise the best bob hairstyle to match your personality. The newest version is modern and edgy, rather than pretty and old-fashioned.

(2) The pixie cut

For such a little name, this haircut has been worn by the bravest and boldest celebrities throughout history. The pixie cut is edgy, yet definitely feminine. And can be cute, sophisticated, funky or sexy. The pixie cut allows for a light and airy haircut that is perfect for busy women as it requires hardly any maintenance. This is why Christchurch hairdressers recommend this style to women with little time to primp and preen in the morning.

(3) Long and straight

Long and straight is a timeless style that can be worn by many woman – but not every woman. A long, straight style may cause some women’s hair to appear flat. For this reason, it is best to get expert advice. If you already have straight hair, then this style is your best bet, rather than having to straighten it daily.

(4) A fringe

Fringes are back. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair – there is a suitable fringe for you. This hairstyle can enhance the shape of any face if worn the right way. Today’s fringes are super light, fuss free and flowing. If cut properly, this style requires little maintenance to fit a busy woman’s lifestyle.

(5) Wavy styles

Waves and curls have been the main focal point in the beauty industry for a couple of years. They are compatible with most women’s personality, lifestyle, facial features, hair texture and body type. They are easy to create with your preferred curl enhancing hair products and other accessories. This style can be achieved with almost any hair length, including the short bob.

The 5 hairstyles mentioned above can make the difference to your overall style and look. If you are seeking the services of hairdressers in Christchurch, Scissortrix is a winning choice.

Scissortrix blends quality services, quality hair products and many years of experience to enhance the appearance of their customers’ hair. Visit to schedule your appointment today.


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