Hairdressing Services Provided by Scissortrix


Everyone wants to have the perfect haircut and style to look their very best. The right colour and hairstyle can make your hair look fantastic and dramatically change your look. At Scissortrix, we understand how a great hairstyle can instantly boost your confidence. And this is why we have the best team of professional hairstylists to take care of your hair.

Whether you require cutting, colouring or any kind of styling – you can rely on our professional team. At our renown hair salon in Christchurch we only use quality hair care products such as Pureology, L’Oreal and Kerastase. We understand the needs of our clients and give the best treatment to every individual.

Scissortrix provides the best quality service alongside great products. With more than 20 years of experience, we make sure to treat each and every client individually to create a unique style for them. Our expert team works hard to create the perfect look to compliment your individual style.

Some of our services include:

  1. Cut and blow wave for ladies (Short, medium and long)
  2. Stylish cut for men
  3. Hair cut for children
  4. Hair colouring
  5. Hair highlighting
  6. Blow drying of both short and long hair
  7. Party hair design

Why to choose Christchurch based Scissortrix

Different people want different styles which perfectly compliment their face and lifestyle. A wrong haircut or styling can be a disaster. This is why you need to visit the best hairdresser in Cashmere to ensure you receive the right hairstyle for you.

Our professional hairdressing service will give you something stylish and unique. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and at Scissortrix your wish can be fulfilled. With vast experience in haircutting and hairdressing, we provide the best care for your hair. Whether you require special hair for a social function, wedding or a casual outing – the team at Scissortrix will consult with you to achieve the best possible look.

If you require a reliable hair stylist in Christchurch and expect phenomenal service, then visit You are provided the best hair design, haircuts and hair treatments in Christchurch. Our team looks forward to meeting you and making you feel and look the best version of yourself.


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