5 Hair Styles to Suit All Occasions


Modern hairstyles for women are versatile, easy to care for and reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer dressy to messy or want to know how to transform your hair from a relaxed look to a red carpet style, there are hairstyles for every occasion. When it comes to hairstyles and haircuts for women the options are almost unlimited. Here are five hairstyles to suit all occasions…

Five hairstyles for all occasions

(1) Long wavy hair

Long wavy hair is very feminine and gives a stunning look. Loose wavy hair held back with clips pulls hair away from your face and also adds interest. When you go for layered haircuts, long wavy hair look fabulous. Remember that your hair shouldn’t be dry or messy when you sport this free style. If needed, you can apply a hair serum to keep your locks under control.

(2) Fierce colour

Sometimes a new haircut can transform your look and make you ready for that special occasion. However if you still want something new and fresh, yet don’t want to lop off your hair, consider changing your hair colour. Scissortrix in Christchurch offers multiple hair colouring options. You can choose from full colouring, layered colouring, half head highlighting and other semi-permanent colour styles.

(3) Messy bun

A messy bun is the perfect hairstyle for women who want a very casual but modern look. This is a very simple hairstyle, yet looks effortless and chic. Unlike other hairstyles that may take time to recreate, a messy bun can be done to perfection in a couple of minutes. Apply hair gel with a few hair clips to pin your hair back for a glamorous look.

(4) Short curls

Short hairstyles don’t need to make you look like a tomboy. Curls aren’t just meant for medium and long hairstyles- they can look great with short hair too. Get a new haircut and treat your hair to a head of curls at the Scissortrix hair salon in Christchurch.

(5) Pixie cut

Do you dare to try something new? The pixie cut is a popular short hairstyle in the celebrity and fashion world. You can easily pull off a confident look with a pixie cut – especially if you have thick and voluminous hair.

Choosing the right hairstyle for a special occasion is easy when you seek help from the hair professionals at Scissortrix. If you are based locally, you can seek a stylish hand from one of the most trusted hair salons in Christchurch. Here you can choose from a range of elegant and trendy hairstyles to achieve the look you want.

Scissortrix is your one stop shop that provides contemporary hair styling solutions for both men and women in Christchurch. This local salon offers great cuts in their modern salon and uses leading hair care brands. To make your hair appointment and be inspired by new hairstyles visit scissortrix.co.nz now.


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