New Colour Trends in Hair Design


Planning to get a new hairstyle or an overall new look ? Want to find which hair colour suits you and get a new trendy look ? Then, the best way to do it is to know about them all before choosing the best one for you and your style.

Below are the few trending hair colour designs that might interest you.

Nude Hair – People usually start with cool and trendy colours, but one of the most outgoing these days is the nude hair colour. It is the perfect combination of warm and cool colours and is something that is easy to carry with anybody tone.

Denim Blue – A lot of neon colours are visible these days, and to spice things a little bit more, this new colour has been introduced. It is a subtle colour and is quite a unique one.

Rose Gold – Where have you heard it being mentioned? Mostly in the case of phones. But this is a colour that is not only light but is pretty enough to start trending on Instagram . It is a radiant colour, which is actually a contrast of light pink with blond.

Smoky Lilac – This is a famous one. Fan of unnatural shades? well, this is the perfect one . It is a contrast of deep greyish purple colour fading into a lavender one. It is best for people having long hairs.

Rainbow hair – Another trendy and attractive colour range. It is mostly done in the bangs, though at times when having long hairs, it can be done down the wavy layers of the hair. As the name suggests , it is a mixture of all the rainbow colours, and can make one look bright and hip hop.

Getting a new hair colour is not all, one must also know about the ways to keep the colour intact, and prevent it from fading it faster and work on keeping it longer. Here are few simple tips, that one should always follow, after getting the hair dyed…

Always use a mild shampoo, especially the ones that are sulphate free, for checking the fading of hair colour.

Stay away from alcohol based hair and styling products, as alcohol-based products can speed up the process of fading the colour.

Using colour depositing products. There are various shampoos and conditioners available in the market that keeps the hair vibrant and prevents it from fading.

Try DIY rinses, find out some good natural herbal products and use them.

Lastly, take good care of your hairs, because dry damaged hair won’t be able to retain colour for a long time. So, it is necessary to take care of your hair.

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